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Wondering what people say about Kim? 

“Kim is a strategic thinker who applies ideas and energy to all projects. She is comfortable working with all levels of senior management. She is hard working and very organized. Her ability to comfortably move through projects of all sizes makes her an invaluable team member.”

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Kim in two different companies. Once as a colleague and most recently on my marketing team. Kim is a hard worker, very organized and always had an abundance of new ideas on how to create or respond to an opportunity. She is a good manager of people and brings a great attitude to the work environment.”

“Kim is a hard-working dedicated individual who I had the pleasure of working with for almost 5 years. Kim is extremely creative and easily multi-tasks. She can interact with all levels of clients, co-workers and management with absolute professionalism. She is straightforward and honest and always has a great attitude. Kim would be an asset to any organization.”

“Kim is a strong contributor and tireless in her dedication to her responsibilities. She is quick to adapt to new challenges and concepts and has an effective, collaborative style with all of those she works with. She is open and honest in her business relationships and very pragmatic in her approach of getting things done. Kim would be a strong asset to any organization that wants to effect positive change”

“It has been a pleasure to work with Kim at American Water. Kim is an innovative, creative and motivating leader. She is an expert in Marketing & Communications and mentors her colleagues to excel. As part of a very small team & in a very short timeframe, Kim was able to rebrand an entire company, including everything from collateral to an entirely new website – containing 51 sites in all. Her ability to manage multiple projects & teams simultaneously while meeting all deadlines is exceptional. Any company would be lucky to acquire her talent and her interest in expanding her already stellar skills.”

“Kim is extremely detail-oriented and very efficient. She has wonderfully creative ideas that she implements in a proactive way. She is easy to work with, and well liked by all.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kim for the past year as her account exec. Kim is one of my favorite clients and I can say enough good things about her. Aside from being extremely knowledgeable in her field and so protective of the American Water brand, she is delightful to work for and with. I look forward to collaborating with her on many more projects in the future.”

“I worked with Kim on over 400 projects during a single year. She is a focused and devoted team player who can juggle a huge workload while keeping a close eye on the big picture. She is not only a tremendous asset to the team but she is a pleasure to work with at all times – even during the most stressful days. I would highly recommend Kim to any organization that is looking to “get stuff done”. She is a smart, efficient, knowledgeable decision maker – who you still like working with when the project is over.”

“Kim came into a very difficult and time consuming project at the height of all deliverables. She quickly learned entirely new content management software and ultimately took charge in the project. Kim was and continues to be one of the most organized people we have ever worked with. She is rational, reasonable and attentive to detail as any brand focused person should be. There is NO question in my mind that this project wouldn’t have succeeded without Kim on board.”

“Kim is an incredibly supportive manager and wonderful communicator. She is conscientious, smart and above all, a truly kind person. I only wish I’d gotten to work with her longer!”


Storm Your Brain, LLC is a New Jersey State Certified WBE and SBE, and an SBA-certified woman-owned business.
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